Friday, April 3, 2009

We finally got to plant some stuff this week and it was so exciting and gratifying all at once! Jason and I hand made some little signs for our crops from some left over lumber and galvanized steel rods that we had lying around. J also made a fabulous trellis for my peas and beans out of the same stuff. We feel so accomplished. A friend told us about this book, so we decided to try it on 3 of the beds. Those are the grids that you see in some of the beds.
And as you can see, this gardening thing really wore Payter out!
Last, I have added some better pictures of the girls. I even held Penelope for the 1st time. We did great. I am not scared of them, just apprehensive about holding them. Our 3 year old however, has no apprehension at all! She went into the coop the other day and picked Penelope up 3 times all by herself! Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera:( But you can enjoy some other pictures of our week...

Ruby and Priscilla playing on their new "roost". They are getting so big so fast!

Bella is oh so intrigued with these little guys! We put them in the chicken run while we cleaned their little pen that is usually on the kitchen counter. They had fun scratching at the dirt.

Scarlett - She still wants nothing to do with us, but she has started to let us pet her without yelling at us! It is a start:)

Sweet Penelope. I didn't know that I would ever say that about a chicken:)


The Mounts' said...

ok, my favorite part is all their names...I crack up every time you say them!!! They just have the "sweetest" names and so "girly", I LOVE IT!!!! I can't wait to keep up on the "coop" with you!!! Thanks for the smiles!!!

Heather said...

Aidan is very excited to come over and see your chickens. He just doesn't get the whole laying the egg without it being a baby inside - hard to explain to a 3 year old!