Sunday, February 27, 2011

Home Again

This time of year has come again...I am an official "Stay at home mom". It is funny how much this affects me. I look forward to being with my family, and yet I look forward to working. Did I mention the paycheck that I lack the rest of the year? That part is just dreadful:(. Every year (or at least the past 3) I have gone through such a trasition when my work is over for the year. The 1st year I was in shock, last year I was so happy to be home again and this year, well this year I just don't know how I feel. I know I am ready to take the girls to and from school again, go to coffee with wonderful girlfriends, take off at a whim and go to the zoo or the gardening shop, or like today, look at a new house (really an old house that would require more work then even Jason and I are capable of). Not to mention CLEAN MY HOUSE. My husband does a great job at keeping up, but I can honestly say that a man's touch just lacks something when it comes to cleaning! But he tries, and the girls try and I get up every morning and kiss them good bye. Then I get to do a job that I am good at, enjoy and love the people I work with. But I miss out on so much stuff. I am just plain torn. That dreadful place between not wanting to leave my family every day and wanting to leave my family every day:)
I tell ya, "What to do?" Maybe I will start with a little sewing!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Wow, 2011 really? New year's in my house is truly mundane. Like... Jason worked, the girls were asleep by 8 and I fell asleep in my bed to HGTV by 10:15. However, the last 2 months have been a whirl wind of life, work, school, 2 beautiful little girls and truly treading water.
I accepted my annual seasonal position here. It feels like I go into hiding for about 4 months. If you are anyone I get together with on a regular basis, you know what I am talking about. Sometimes I return your calls, sometimes we actually get to the making of plans, and if I am truly lucky, I get to see you:) This full time working Mom stuff is for the birds!
However, since I am working, Jason and I decided to make the most of it and go all out for the girls for Christmas. Santa brough them Skiis, boots and bindings! Even though we both snowboard (and have for years), we thought we would teach the girls to ski first.
I bought Jason a season pass to Snoqualmie in September, and now Reese and I have been lucky enough to join him in that! (Thanks Dad and Mom:)) We went up yesterday with most of my family, and as I looked around at Payton coming down the mountain on skiis and telling me, "Go away Mommy, I do it myself" and Reese successfully making pizza turns and fench friis all the way down with no assistance, it hit me...I am so content in my family. My parents were watching along with my wonderful brother, his girlfriend and daughter. Taking photos, videos and all full of smiles. Because I had 2 amazing little girls that were making there way, and a husband helping me each step. I am lucky, I am blessed!
Enjoy a few of my little ski bunnies...And Happy, Safe and Loving new year to you all!

(P.S. Eat some snow! It does a body good:))

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Payt started pre-school

Somebody please tell me where the past two plus years have gone? How is already time for my sweet punkin to start pre-school? Luckily she gets to go to the same school and have the same teacher that Reese has for the the past two years. She was simply amazing that day! I had her walk up to all her new classmates and give them their name tags. She was shy, but did it and seemed to have lots of fun that day. Here's to having 2 hours with no kiddos once a week!!! I can't wait to go grocery shopping by myself:) How lame! Seriously, I am stoked!!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

On to the next...

What an emotional day! For all the preparing that I thought that I did, it came as a huge surprise as to how emotional we all were yesterday. Reese's teacher was wonderful and inviting and let us be as involved as we wanted yesterday morning. However, I was the last parent in her classroom, and the para-educator finally had to peel her off of me:( It was just heartbreaking, but we did it! We all survived the whole day and are currently getting ready for our second. (Aparently Reese saved the show for me, she was fine just a few minutes after I left!)
As a parent, our sole job in life is to ensure the safety and happiness of our children. To place this in someone else's hands is just terrifying! It certainly helps that I know so many wonderful teachers, Heidi, Jen and Steph, or else I would really lose my Mommy mind:)
Thanks you teachers for sharing the part of you that I lack! And please keep my little one safe!!!:)

This last one is just for your viewing pleasure:) Payt all dressed up for Sissy's big day! Don't worry, we changed her...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

1st overnight hiking trip

J has been wanting to take Reese on an overnight hiking trip for a while now. They finally planned it and got Aunt Kim to come along. My little girl made it 3.5 miles into Lower Lena Lake all by herself with her own backpack! I wish I could have been there, but Payt just isn't ready yet...maybe next year...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

A little bit of summer random-ness...

I love being the neighborhood hang out for the kiddos:) I think I am officially known as the otter-pop lady! I couldn't resist taking a pic while Sarah and the boys were over and Ellie too. Come on over anytime neighbors!!!

When we were on the boat the girls slept in the same bed the whole time. I had a tough time breakng Payt of this when we got back. I came in and found them sleeping like this together. Too sweet...

And this is an amazing Radish. I went to pull it before we left and J asked me to leave it so we could see how big it would get. Well you can see here it was HUGE when we got back! Totally cracked us up.

Hope you are all having a great summer:)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

San Juans 2010

Ok, you asked for it! Here are some pictures from our trip. Believe it or not, I actually took fewer this year then in years past. Only about 100:)
Our trip was absolutely filled full of sunshine, beautiful new places, sandy beaches, clear water and best of all...ORCAS! It was amazing! This was the first time in 6 years of doing this trip that we finally came accross them. Jason was driving up top and I was down below getting the girls settled when he stomped on the floor to get my attention. We all raced up top and watched part of the J-pod for over an hour go all the way up Stuart Island. I certainly would have loved it if they came closer, but they didn't. I will take what I can get though:)

Jason and I out getting the crab pots in Sequim

J and Payt getting last minute snuggles at sunset

Jason trying to show the girls how to shrimp off the docks in Roche Harbor

Out Kayaking in Roche

Bella being taken out on the Kayak for the 1st time. She was such a good girl

Payton giving me quite the stern look:) We were at a beautiful beach on Galiano Island. Pure white with crystal clear water!

Jason's failed attempt to get a photo of the whales. You will have to use your imagination on this one:)

I couldn't believe it when Reese jumped into the water at Galiano Island! Right off the back of the boat to her Daddy!

Here is how Bella got to shore to potty when we were anchored out! This was the only pain about having her on board.

Lots of hiking. We had to get our excercise somehow. The islands don't lack on beautiful hikes.

The beautiful rocks along the shore of Galiano Island.

This is one of the beautiful murals up in Chemanis Canada. It is on the East side of Vancouver Island and was a very fun stop. They actually have yellow footsteps along the sidewalks to show you the way to all of the murals.

Reese's 1st self portrait! Totally cracks me up. Try blowing it up:)

Tons of sleepy time. The girls actually slept in the guest bunk together every night and did great. This is the way I was woken up every morning...

More Shrimping in Friday Harbor. Love that their Daddy was a master shrimper:)

Checking out their loot. We threw them all back though:)

Payt wore these sunglasses the whole trip. She actually has them on the right way this time.

The end of our trip...Bella was just plain wore out. Sleeping in her Daddy's lap while he drives us all home.

A Great trip! Another one for the memory books. I love showing the girls all of the beauty in our own backyard. Thanks Mom and Dad again for your generosity. We look forward to this trip every year:)