Saturday, September 20, 2008

I do have a "Place"

Thanks to Heidi, I started thinking about what my "place" is. It is anywhere on the water with my family. Last week, to enjoy the last bit of summer, we headed out on the boat for 2 days. There is nothing like enjoying the sun on the boat. We BBQ'd steaks and went for "dingy" rides. We motored up to Jerril's Cove on Hartstein Island and tied to a mooring bouy. Then in the morning, we motored over to Stretch Island State Park.
Funny story, after Jason rowed us to shore (he didn't want to start the dingy motor because we were only 20 off shore) he pulled us all up onto the beach so that Reese and I didn't have to get our shoes wet. The dingy was about 3 feet up on the beach and I told Jason that was plenty. Payton fell asleep in her life jacket, so we wandered down the beach where there was some shade to set her down. All of a sudden Jason looked down the beach and noticed that the dingy was floating away. I started running after it like I was really going to jump in the water fully clothed and get it! No way, that is what Husband's are for:) Jason starts to empty his pockets and take off his leather belt so that he can jump in. Then I told him to just take his shorts off! He was wearing boxers, and there was no one around. So there goes my hubby, diving into the water in his undies to get the dingy back which was already a ways away. He gets the dingy, climbs in and starts to row back to us girls. He says, "Don't mind me, I'm just out for a row in my underwear". Too funny! He saved the day!!!

Payton likes to help Daddy drive the boat

Payton and Mommy enjoying the scenery

Reese and Daddy wathing a movie, "Spirit", Reese won't go anywhere without it now!

Reese wants to flush the toilet, but she just isn't quite strong enough to do it by herself...

And this is Payton sleeping in her life jacket. Only my kid could sleep in this bulky, uncomfy thing!

Monday, September 8, 2008

The Big Race

So, our little girl is quite the runner. Jason saw that the Bank to Bay run here in Tacoma had a 1K kids run for free. He went ahead and signed her up and then starting "training" her. She loves to run and thought that it would be so much fun! Jason taught her how to pump her arms when she is running to "go faster" and taught her how to start. She even says, "On your mark, get set, GO"!!! The 1st picture is of her in her starting stance! So Cute:)
So we get her all pumped up and even invited my parents up to see her run her big race!
Obviously we all forgot what an intravert our cute little girl is:) She started getting shy when we got there. And then when the gun sounded to start the race, well, she cried!!! Her Daddy had to pick her up and run the whole race with her in his arms! What a good Daddy:)
I decided to not be dissapointed, and focus on the good here. She went and experienced it, finished (thanks to Dad) and even got a free T-Shirt!
Maybe we will try it again next year...