Monday, April 27, 2009

I just want to eat her:)

This is the face of one of the sweetest and spunkiest little girls I have ever seen! Poor thing has had what we refer to in house as "The Didas" for over 9 days now. It started out last weekend with a fever and continued thoughout last week. I finally had to take a "specemin" in on Thursday to have it tested and we found out today that she has Campylobacter. It is basically a horrible bacterial infection of the digestive track. One really common way to contract it is through chickens:( Jason and I are so careful about us all washing our hands after handling the chickens and taking our "Poopy" boots off at the back door. But sometime things just can't be avoided. I feel so guilty, but at least now we know what it is and she can be on the mend!
I took this photo about an hour ago. Can you see the gap in her two front teeth? Or how crooked that little grin is? I just love it! So much personality at only 10 mos. She say bye now and waves, and just this morning she started saying "Ma-ma"!!! I am so excited!!! Reese said Da-da 1st, so I figure it is my turn right?
Anyways...just a little smile to brighten your day. She sure does ours!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Posie Pea

Hi there- craft fair at my Mom's work was a bit of a bust:( She said that she went to find our stuff and she couldn't even find it because the room so packed with so much oher stuff! That is good I suppose since the proceeds were going to charity and they were still able to raise a lot. So in the aftermath, I still have all my headbands and 6 of the 10 bibs/burp rags left. I will probably take them into the shop that I seel them at, but I thought I would off them up here 1st.
I sell the bib sets for $14 and the headbands for $8. If you scroll down, I have a picture that has everything on it. The only thing that I am out of is the John Deere sets. However, if anyone wants one, I still have plenty of fabric and could whip one up pretty quickly. Feel free to let me know...
Cheers everyone and I hope that you all get to enjoy the sunshine today:)
Posie Pea/Tishelle

Friday, April 17, 2009

Bowling, Hiking and Crafting

So here is what I have been up to this past week! Much fun:)
My Mom had a craft fair at work today and she asked me to make some of my headbands, bibs and burp rags. I have known about it for the last month, but of course I waited until this past week to start and finish it all! 10 headbands and 10 bibs/burp rags. I got them done, we will see how they sell?!

In between this, Jason, Rachel and I took Reese and Rylan bowling. Rachel has taken Rylan a number of times, but we were finally able to go with her and it was a blast! Who knew that 3.5 year olds could bowl so well and have so much fun? We joked that the kids could bowl, then they would come back and have a snack and then we would watch their ball hit the pins:) (It sometimes took a few minutes for their balls to make it all the way down). They had real balls and real shoes and we had some real fun! Their little faces were magical:)

Then Wednesday, J and I took the girls out on the boat and motored out to Jones Island just north of Boston Harbor. We tied up to a mooring bouy and took the dinghy onto shore. Payton fell asleep in the ergo about 10 minutes in and Reese actually completed about 90% of the hike around the island! All Reese kept asking was, "Are we going to see any Bambi's?" Sure enough, we happened upon 3 of them eating and laying down. They could have cared less that we were there. They let us walk with about 10-15 feet of them as we just watched eachother. And here is a question...Who knew that deer squat when they do their business (just like a female dog)? I most certainly didn't! I was stunned! I sat their and stared! I actually had time ponder, pull out my camera, take 3 pictures and put my camera away before this deer was done. I don't know what she was doing. I wasn't close enough. But it was one of the funniest/strange things that I had seen in a long time.

Last but certainly not least, one of my very best friends had her baby girl yesterday! Jodi had her baby girl at 12:40 am yesterday morning after getting to the hospital at 11! No epidural or anything! She is my hero:)
The baby was 6 lbs. 8 oz and 19" long. Just a Peanut:) I can't wait until I have some photos for you guys! I LOVE you Jodi, and I can't wait to meet her...
I have no idea what went on with my last post! I tried to re-arrange my photos into the correct order twice and they are still all jumbled up. Oh well!

Monday, April 13, 2009

A Happy Easter...

We started off at J's sister Kim's house on Saturday for an Easter Egg hunt! It rained a little, but we enjoyed ourselves none the less:) Reese got lots of eggs/candy and her and Payton got their picture taken with the Easter Bunny.
Then the whole family went Kim's for a breakfast feast! There was so much good food. I should have worn pants with a little more stretch in them:)
The festivities didn't end there. The girls and I headed out to stay with my parents that night and spend Easter with them. (J had to work:() My oldest brother and his girlfriend were in town so we got some good family time in. My Mom and neice Tor stuffed easter eggs and hid them for Reese and her and Pops went "egg hunting".
All in all, it was a fun, food and family filled weekend. The girls loved seeing everyone and having good quality time with both sides of the Family! We hope you had the same...

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sunny Day

We finally got some family photos done today. I say finally because we have been wanting to since Payton was born 9.5 months ago. I kept puting it off because I don't really like my body yet, but oh well, right?
Anyways...I won't have those for a week or so I took a few of the girls today while we were playing out back. What a beautiful day!
Hope you all got out to enjoy it!

Friday, April 3, 2009

We finally got to plant some stuff this week and it was so exciting and gratifying all at once! Jason and I hand made some little signs for our crops from some left over lumber and galvanized steel rods that we had lying around. J also made a fabulous trellis for my peas and beans out of the same stuff. We feel so accomplished. A friend told us about this book, so we decided to try it on 3 of the beds. Those are the grids that you see in some of the beds.
And as you can see, this gardening thing really wore Payter out!
Last, I have added some better pictures of the girls. I even held Penelope for the 1st time. We did great. I am not scared of them, just apprehensive about holding them. Our 3 year old however, has no apprehension at all! She went into the coop the other day and picked Penelope up 3 times all by herself! Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera:( But you can enjoy some other pictures of our week...

Ruby and Priscilla playing on their new "roost". They are getting so big so fast!

Bella is oh so intrigued with these little guys! We put them in the chicken run while we cleaned their little pen that is usually on the kitchen counter. They had fun scratching at the dirt.

Scarlett - She still wants nothing to do with us, but she has started to let us pet her without yelling at us! It is a start:)

Sweet Penelope. I didn't know that I would ever say that about a chicken:)