Friday, April 17, 2009

Bowling, Hiking and Crafting

So here is what I have been up to this past week! Much fun:)
My Mom had a craft fair at work today and she asked me to make some of my headbands, bibs and burp rags. I have known about it for the last month, but of course I waited until this past week to start and finish it all! 10 headbands and 10 bibs/burp rags. I got them done, we will see how they sell?!

In between this, Jason, Rachel and I took Reese and Rylan bowling. Rachel has taken Rylan a number of times, but we were finally able to go with her and it was a blast! Who knew that 3.5 year olds could bowl so well and have so much fun? We joked that the kids could bowl, then they would come back and have a snack and then we would watch their ball hit the pins:) (It sometimes took a few minutes for their balls to make it all the way down). They had real balls and real shoes and we had some real fun! Their little faces were magical:)

Then Wednesday, J and I took the girls out on the boat and motored out to Jones Island just north of Boston Harbor. We tied up to a mooring bouy and took the dinghy onto shore. Payton fell asleep in the ergo about 10 minutes in and Reese actually completed about 90% of the hike around the island! All Reese kept asking was, "Are we going to see any Bambi's?" Sure enough, we happened upon 3 of them eating and laying down. They could have cared less that we were there. They let us walk with about 10-15 feet of them as we just watched eachother. And here is a question...Who knew that deer squat when they do their business (just like a female dog)? I most certainly didn't! I was stunned! I sat their and stared! I actually had time ponder, pull out my camera, take 3 pictures and put my camera away before this deer was done. I don't know what she was doing. I wasn't close enough. But it was one of the funniest/strange things that I had seen in a long time.

Last but certainly not least, one of my very best friends had her baby girl yesterday! Jodi had her baby girl at 12:40 am yesterday morning after getting to the hospital at 11! No epidural or anything! She is my hero:)
The baby was 6 lbs. 8 oz and 19" long. Just a Peanut:) I can't wait until I have some photos for you guys! I LOVE you Jodi, and I can't wait to meet her...

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