Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy 30th to one of my dearest friends ever!

Dear Nells-
Here is to the past 18 years of friendship! Can you believe that it has been that long since we met in Mr. Longmeyer's class? That sweet, shy brunette. I knew instantly that you would be one of my best friends.
I love you Nellie! I love eveything about you!
How you are one of the most tickelish people I have ever met.
How you would blush just by me saying the words "blush Nellie"
Who else would have been my other half for a pair of dice for Halloween?
We have been to disneyland together and lived together
And cried together countless times
But above all, we have lived life together.
I couldn't ask for a better friend for my girls to have in their lives, or to have in mine as one of my best confidants!
Happy Birthday Nellie!


The McGovern Family said...

awww that is too sweet!

Heidi said...

Happy Birthday Nellie!! Welcome to the 3-0 club! :)