Monday, April 13, 2009

A Happy Easter...

We started off at J's sister Kim's house on Saturday for an Easter Egg hunt! It rained a little, but we enjoyed ourselves none the less:) Reese got lots of eggs/candy and her and Payton got their picture taken with the Easter Bunny.
Then the whole family went Kim's for a breakfast feast! There was so much good food. I should have worn pants with a little more stretch in them:)
The festivities didn't end there. The girls and I headed out to stay with my parents that night and spend Easter with them. (J had to work:() My oldest brother and his girlfriend were in town so we got some good family time in. My Mom and neice Tor stuffed easter eggs and hid them for Reese and her and Pops went "egg hunting".
All in all, it was a fun, food and family filled weekend. The girls loved seeing everyone and having good quality time with both sides of the Family! We hope you had the same...

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