Saturday, August 30, 2008

My little photographer

Can you believe that Reese took this photo of Payton and I? I was doing a little photo shoot of the girls and Reese HAD to have the camera. I didn't realize that she was such a natural! Now if only she could photo shop the pimple and crows feet!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sweet Sisters

I was having a heck of a time waking Reese up from her 3 HOUR nap yesterday! I know, what Mother WANTS to wake up her 3 year old from a good nap? But, if I hadn't she never would have gone to bed last night!!! So, after having been in there 3 times already, I decided to lay Payton next to her on her pillow! Reese LOVES her little sister. I couldn't of found a better way to wake her up smiling:)

Can you see the love?

My "little patunia"

I had to take a photo of Payton in this! It is a towel that my Mom found for her! Jason thinks it is rediculous, but I think it is adorable:) That's is the difference between mom's and dad's. I dress them up all cute in funny things, and he gets them dirty!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Sunday afternoon

Payton was being fussy, so we took her outside. Pretty soon, Reese had both her Mommy and Daddy doing somersaults and cart wheels. Here are a few for fun...

And here is Payton saying Hi

More Potholes...

So here are a few more! I am trying to figure this placement thing out:)

Reese LOVED the jet skiis! We are seriously considering getting some for next summer!
And how good does my Hubby look wearing the Bjorn???

Potholes '08

So every year a group from Jason's work goes camping at Potholes State Park in Eastern Wa. Last year we started getting invited and joined this great group. Including us, there were 5 couples and 7 kids aging from 5 to 7 weeks (Payton). We all struggle to figure out what is going to keep the kids entertained for 4 days while us adults indulge in jet skiing, sunbathing and a few beverages. Well, this year, I think we figured it out! This is what I call camping! Ben and Janet brought this awesome whale slide, and we brought our bouncy house. The kids had a blast!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Some more Family pics...

And here is my little model! This is a real ship, I promise! We took Reese down to the Tall Ships, Parade of Ships and she LOVED it! They even had real cannons that went "Boom" as she would say:) One of my favorite pictures. I have to give my husband credit for taking it.

Here are Reese, Payton and I at the beach. One of our 1st family outings. If only Jason could take the picture and be in it at the same time!!!

My little hambone:) Payton started smiling all the time about a week ago! I can't get enough! There is nothing like your child recognizing you and smiling at your voice or face. It makes all the puke, poop and sleepless nights seem to fade away!!!

My New Background

Ok Girls-Does this meet your approval? I looked through Leelou blogs and I liked this one best! You know me and black!!! I will be back with more later, I am off to take Reese to have a "Girls Night" with her Mimi:)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Here are my girls...

I tried to post this picture before, but it didn't come up! Here it goes again...

My Girls...

Friday, August 1, 2008

Payton Jeanae Ward

OK, so I have had a little lull! Payton Jeanae was born on June 23rd and I have been so busy since. With visitors, getting to know her and my 3 year old, the last 6 weeks have flown by! But I think that I finally have the time to figure this blogging thing out. I will probably be asking Jodi and Heidi lots of questions, but I will get there!
About Payton:
She is a wonderful baby that lights up every minute of life. I went into to be induced on Monday the 23rd. I had to call in at 5:00 am (which meant I had to be showered and ready to run out the door) to see if the hospital had a bed for me. They didn't:( So, I had to try and go back to sleep (that didn't happen). Finally at 11:00 am, they called and said we were a "go". Jason and I rushed to get ready and out the door. I got to the hospital and all checked in and they started the drip at noon. When they checked me, I was still a "3" (I say "still" because that was what I was the week before at the Dr.). When they checked me at 4:00, I was only at a "4" and getting frustrated because I was starting to be in pretty good pain. Finally I asked for an epidural, and when they checked me after I had gotten it, I was at a "9"! Yeah!!! So at 7:14 pm after pushing for only 3 contractions, out came little Payton! What a punkin:) An instantly good baby.
So, after bringing her home and the rush of visitors, we are finally settling into a routine:) Here are a few photos for you to enjoy!