Tuesday, February 24, 2009


What do you think? Is she going to sleep anytime soon? I put Payton to bed just now and she screamed bloody murder. I go into to check on her and this is the response I get:)

Monday, February 23, 2009


Jason and I got the base tot he coop up on Friday. We are currently trying to decide what to make our raised beds out of. Here in western washington, you can't just use raw wood because it will rot. We don't want to use pressure treated wood though because it would release chemicals into our soil. So, what to do? There is always cedar, but it is spendy and will still rot over time. Any thoughts??? I would love to hear them.
Here is the base of the coop and Payton and I shoveling dirt!


We headed up to Polsbo to see some good friends of ours on Saturday. Jason knew Sascha from when he was a resident firefighter like 13 years ago in the Kingston area. We hadn't seen them in over a year and it was so good to get together. We got to see their new house and 2 adopted additions to their family. 2 pups from Puerto Rico.
We then headed to Bainbridge for lunch on the water and caught the ferry over to Seattle. This was Reese and Payton's 1st ferry ride and Reese was very excited. Payton fell asleep, so Jason and I took turns staying with her in the truck. The other headed up so that Reese could explore this awesome boat that you can drive your car onto! She was so excited that you can even buy skittles on it:)
After that we headed to the Seattle Home and Garden Show. The girls and us were thoroughly pooped, but it sure was a great day.

Of course Reese wouldn't look at the camera. She hates having her picture taken right now:(

These are our friends Sascha and Kate. They only have 4-legged children, so they borrowed one from us for a "family" pic!

Driving onto the Ferry boat

Reese couldn't believe that we going toward the Space Needle!

Finally...She looked at the camera and smiled! I couldn't believe it!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Blog Happy...

OK, I know, another post, but I am obviously bored and have a lot to post about! I am sorry, but who wouldn't want to post about this beautiful little body? I mean, I made it! And besides, I have to show off her latest talent, climbing stairs:)

Reese dressed up as "Princess Jasmine", at least I got her to look at the camera!

And then there are "The good old dogs!" Being themselves...

OK, I am done for a while. I am off for a walk with my girls. I got a new Ergo today. So I am going to strap Payton in/on and "off we go"...

One of those days...

Ok Ladies-
I am venting! I am having ONE of those days! Reese has been sick for over a week which means no pre-school. Ughh. She is beginning to climb the walls and so am I!
Then, Friday, the day before Valentines Day, Payton gets it. And I mean GETS it! The little thing has been up crying since then. I took them both to the Dr., turns out that Payton's turned into an ear infection. I hate having to give little ones antibiotics, but I just could see her suffer anymore (Or me either).
Finally, I started to get it yesterday. I mean REALLY? Is it not enough that I have been up every night, mulitple times a night with snotty, coughing, crying, puking kids?
So today, Jason heads off to work to do his thing, and I, sick, am at home with my two sweet bundles of joy:) Feeling like crap!
Neither girl will nap, I finally get Payton down and decide to do some sewing, and discover that Reese (who has an interest in my sewing machine) has unraveled half a spool of thread all over my rec-room.
"Ok, breathe Momma", I tell myself! Otherwise you might see me on the nightly news!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day

Ever had red eggs? I know, they look a little weird, but Reese loved her red eggs and heart shaped strawberry pancake!
It was a quiet day at home with the girls since they were both sick:( It turns out that Payton has another ear infection. How awful! My poor little thing that can't stop crying and sleeping all at the same time!
We did our traditional steak and lobster dinner, just with kiddos this year:) Who knew a few years ago that I would easily fore-go the candles and romance to stay at home with little sickos.
We finished the day with a movie with our new gas fireplace lit! See, there is still a little romance:)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Can you see it???

A few months ago, Jason came home with the "pea brained" idea to build a garden and get chickens! Ughh, another one of my husbands projects! Now, the garden I was on board with the whole time. But chickens??? Really??? We live in the middle of town with 2 kids and 2 dogs. Our neighbors already hate us because our beagles make "noise". What are they possibly going to think about chickens??? So Jason, did research to convince me. He found some really cute chicken coups (a necessity, he knows how to ge me with the truly important stuff), and the health benefits of home grown eggs. I am all about health benefits! So, it took me some time to mull it over, but he finally wore me down. And like he was planning it all along, I am actually now excited to get them. I have even named them! I am going to make you wait for the names though!
So, in order for this whole thing to take place, we had to rip out 3 fruit trees. I know, I know, who in their right mind takes OUT established fruit trees? But here is my reasoning...They didn't produce, they had been badly pruned and were ugly, and they were fruits none of us ate in the 1st place! Good enough for me! Out go the trees and in goes a whole garden full yummy stuff that we will eat!
So here are a couple of photos of the mess from pulling out the fruit trees, but you can see where the garden will be! Can't you just picture a warm sunny afternoon, with my big butt in the air pulling weeds and picking yummy fruits and veggies? And don't forget, there will be 3 chickens running around! (Because we weren't busy enough:))
So, the garden will be all along the fence, and the coupe and run will be in the back corner!

You can see it right? I will have more updates soon!