Friday, May 22, 2009

Just a little hike

Sitting here on a Friday morning, on the couch, with a cup of my morning favorite in hand. Jason asks me, "What do you want to do today?" "It is my last day off."
Let me translate, "I have to go back to work tomorrow and make money for the family, and I would really like to do something fun before I go back"
(I should mention that he has been off for 3 weeks).
So, knowing him as I do, I went with the latter and asked him what he would like to do. He basicaly told me get some clothes on the girls and jump in the car with our hiking shoes, kid carriers, water and sandwiches, b/c we were off! He wanted to drive all the way over to Lena Lake! Now also knowing him as well as I do, I decided not to dash his hopes, (he holds grudges:)) and the girls and I obliged him. I didn't shower, threw on hiking clothes, got our teeth brushed and loaded us into the car. Payton even obliged her Daddy and took her morning nap in the car just as he said she would.
Unfotunaltey, J missed a highway on our way and gave us an extra 15 inutes in the car. Which is crucial at 11 mos. old. She was done being in the car by the time we got to our destination. Good thing Mommy convinced Daddy to go to Staircase instead. It was a little closer and offered Reese more options for making the hike on her own!
Needless to say, I always look at Jason cross-eyed when he comes at me with these ideas. But I always end up going and we have a blast. Just as we did today! So don't mind my messy, un-showered look, I had to sacrafice something this morning:)
We hope you all had a good friday, and have a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Garden update and Family Pics

A little update on the garden and chickens...
The chicks finally went into the coupe about 2 weeks ago! They sure have come a long way since we brought the 2 of them home in 1 light bulb box!
Penelope starting laying about the same time the chicks went into the coupe. It was so exciting to go out to collect Scarlett's green egg and find a brown one in there. We talked to Penelope and told her "good girl". We were so tickled:) We are now getting almost 2 eggs a day and in the fall it should be about 4/day. Yum-Yum:)
I also finally was able to get 1 side of the coupe painted. This red takes 3-4 coats. Which means here in western Wa. that I need 3-4 consecutive days of no rain just to get 1 side done. We all know how rare that is, so I am lucky I have 1 side done:) Although, it looks like I have a few days right now to get some done, so I think I will be out there today working on it!
This gardening thing is all new to me. Most of my seed starts really struggled:( I have had to re-plant a couple of times. Maybe too early? So I finally headed out to Home Depot a few weeks ago and got some starts. Those are really happy:) My most recent seeds have really taken off too. It was great to come home from our trip last week to all of our happy and healthy plants and to see that they had all doubled in size while we were gone. I guess all that rain did them some good?
I can't wait until I can harvest some of this. How rewarding to go grocery shopping in my own back yard:)

And here are a few of our Family Pictures that we had taken in April. This great photographer took them. We met down at Owen's Beach at Pt. Defiance Park. It was that rare day in April when it was almost 80 degrees! The girls really cooperated and we had a great time. Heather was really easy to work with and we would totally recomend her to anyone.
Hope all is well with everyone:) Cheers-

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A whirlwind trip

So Last Friday, Jason, the girls, my parents and I took off for a trip to Disneyland! An absolutely wonderful time was had by all:) We got there Friday afternoon and hung out by the pool for a little while. Then early to bed to try and get ready for a LONG day of walking. We got to the park at 8:15 and went strong for 6 hours. Reese said that she didn't want to start with any sissy rides, so we headed for the big mountain she saw (Materhorn). She did awesome! She just didn't like the scary animals that came out:).
We went back to the hotel for a little nap and then we were back for a full night of rides, parades and fireworks!
The girls did absolutely awesome! Payton was such a trooper. She is a little girl that really likes her bed and bunny for her naptime. So I was really worried about her sleeping. I just put her in the Ergo and out she would go. So unfortunately, she is on my back for most of the pictures. "I promise you were there Payton!"
Our last day we decided to go to Califoria Adventure. They have a restaraunt called "Ariel's Grotto". Before you are sat at your table, you get to meet Ariel. Then while you are eating, different princesses stop by your table and you get to meet them and take pictures with them. What a special thing for a 4 year old little girl! We were all a little emotional seeing Reese's magical reaction. My wonderful Dad was all teary eyed:) He is such a softie:)
Outside of being exhausted, we had an absolute blast! We would recomend it to anyone who is brave enough to try it!

The day we flew out we spent a couple of hours at the Santa Monica Pier. Lunch, sand, sun and a ferris wheel. Wonderful!

Every once in awhile, J and I need some adult time! Margaritas included:)

Payton was in love with Belle!

Pops even tried the Ergo!

Count on my Mom and I to find the winery in California Adventure:)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

We are off at noon tomorrow to find out why they call it the "most magical place on earth!" And would someone please tell me why it takes longer to prepare for a vacation then the actual vacation is??? I'm exhausted, and we haven't even left for the airport, not to mention all of the walking that is to come. Have a cheer-y-o weekend everyone:)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

To all my 30 and over's!

I don't know what the heck is up with the photo placement, but I am tired of messing with it!
Warning: A lot of pictures of me, but it is my birthday after all:)

All I can say is that the last 30 years have been pretty darn great! I embrace getting older because as my Dad would say, "The alternative isn't that great!"
So, in the past 30 years, I have enjoyed my family, made great friends and have created my own little family. I have a very loving husband (who throws a mean party) and together we have made two of the very cutest little girls on this earth!
Thank you to him for being who he is and thank you too all of my friends and family who are always there for me and came out to celebrate with us last Saturday!
I love you all!!!