Thursday, March 26, 2009

A little update

So I haven't posted about the garden and coop in a few weeks so I thought I would give you a quick update! The coop is almost complete! Jason finished the run yesterday and got the inside of the coop painted (we primed it white to seal it up and make it a little cleaner). He just has to build the nesting boxes, finish the electrical and stock everything up! We are hoping to go this Sunday and pick out our new girls.
On the garden front, we decided to go with with unfinished red cedar. We built five beds roughly 4x8 and 15" tall. We got most of the tagro and compost dirt in it yesterday and Jason is bringing home one more load of compost today to finish it. Then we will just be waiting for no more frost to plant. I decided to try the Jiffy pots and organic seeds and grow our crops from seed in our window seal. Almost all of them are doing great and I can't wait to plant them. They need their permanent home because the peas and beans were trying to vine up window the other day. We actually had to pull them off. They are strong little suckers:)
*disclosure: when you see the pictures of the coop, keep in mind that the paint will hopefully look a heck of a lot better! I just threw up a little last week to see it. It is only one layer of 3, and I haven't taped off the trim yet. So don't be scared:)
P.S. The last picture is of Payton because I am excited that she finally has enough hair that I can actually put a rubber band in it! Kind of funny, but it works, right?

I just had to take a photo of J in his Tyvek painting suit! Sexy huh?


Heidi said...

Holy cow...those are some suuweeet garden beds!! And I guess I didn't realize that you were painting the coop RED...i thought in the last pictures of it, that was the color it was going to be. Fun:) Can't wait to hear aobut your chickens!!

Heather said...

looks amazing! great work guys!

I am sad that Payton has more hair than Makena...think it will be quite a while before a top pony is to be had.

The McGovern Family said...

you guys sure went all out on those garden beds and chicken coop! very professional looking i have to say. Brian wants to have a garden this year, but after seeing yours...I dunno...i could never compare mine with i will just come and pick your veggies! : )

Kristen said...

Love it! I showed Rob the pictures of your raised beds and told him that is exactly what I want!

Thomas family said...

Your yard looks amazing! You two have been working so hard! Love baby's hair.:)