Saturday, March 14, 2009

Oh Where Oh Where has my sunshine gone?
I was just getting use to our beautiful sunny days. I washed my car, planted some flowers and started painting the coop - sorry J, house, chicken house. It is WAY too big to be considered a "coop":) I was saying, I wake up this morning, looking forward to a beautiful sunny day to go out on the boat with the folks, and to my dismay it is raining. Really? I JUST washed my car! I suppose the flowers that I planted will like it.
And good thing the boat has an inside, otherwise it would be an awfully chilly day, BRRR...
At least we took good advantage of the sun while it lasted!
Loved our outing to the park Maria and Ellie!

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Anonymous said...

What an AWSOME chicken "house"! I will have to show my husband how yours looks. He is for sure going to want to build one after he sees what your husband built!! How great to have fresh eggs everyday!