Saturday, March 7, 2009

My Husband works fast!

(Payton watching Daddy work)

Luckily Jason had 6 days off this week! And boy does he move fast! Last Monday it was POURING down rain, but he was out there framing up the coop and got it all done.
The next day he had the roof framed. The following day, the entire thing was sheeted and so on and so on! Last night in the dark, J finished the siding (I don't have a picture of that) and the roof, and I was able to start caulking the siding.
So exciting:) It looks like we will have some good weather later in the week, so we hope to get it all painted.
Then it is on to the garden. I think we finally decided on cedar for the raised beds. Anyone know of a good cedar retailer that is local? Jason knows of one in Issaquah, but that is it. We would love your input.
I think that is it for now! Have a fabulous weekend everyone...


Heather said...

I know who I am hiring for my next project!

The Mounts' said...

WOW...that looks like a perfect little "play house" for the girls....hmmmmm!