Thursday, October 2, 2008

10 Necessities

Here are 10 things that make life easier, nicer and just more enjoyable!

My Swiffer Vac. With new hardwoods, 2 dogs, a 3 year old and a hubby, this thing has saved me! I use it everyday...

I have struggled with my complection since I was 16. I use to take all kinds of medicine for it, but when I got pregnant with Reese, I had to find something that was safe to use with her growing in my tummy! I have been hooked on it ever since. I know every time I skip a day. It's not pretty!

Oh Baby! There is nothing better for snuggling and keeping a new baby close to you then a Moby. My girlfriend lent this to me and I use it all the time. I even figured out how to nurse in it. It's great for getting things done and letting Payton nap.

This is my new, yet old favorite. This sewing machine use to be my Grandpa Ben's. My Mom thought I might like it when he passed away last year. It sat in the box for a year until I had had enough of Jason razzing me about it. I finally figured the thing out, and I use it all the time now. Who says things have to be new? This is a trusty old machine and I love using it.

This is a MUST! A hot, steamy cup of creamy coffee in the morning! With 2 children, enough said.

As a nursing Mommy, I am always thirsty. I drink about 100 oz. of water a day, and this is always with me. I LOVE my Camelbak!

I have noticed no-one put this on their list! Are you all CRAZY? Where would any of us be without our trusty communicators? I am lost with out this. Don't count on me to remember your # if I lose it!

As you can see, these Citizen's are well loved, I think I took them off right before I took the picture. I bought them right before I got pregnant with Payton, and they are one of the only ones that fit. We all need a good pair of jeans that make our butts look good, right?

I have been addicted to Downy since Jodi's mom used it high school! Her clothes were always so soft and smelled so good! Well now they have more scents, and my new favorite, and must-have is Gardenia.

Last, but not least, I must have a good conditioner. My hair has always been so tangly. My girlfriend Rachel introduced me to this one and it is my new favorite. My hair brushes like silk after my shower. (Notice I get the big one, I use a LOT, and Reese needs conditioner now too! Life is getting expensive with 3 girls in one house!)

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The Mounts' said...

I loved reading all of your "must haves", everyone's favorite things have gotten my shopping a little more fun these days. When I go to the grocery store now, I pick something from the lists i have read! It is so fun to try new things out!! Thanks for doing the way LOVE the jeans, I do agree, everyone needs a "good" pair of jeans, it's absolutely worth every penny!!!