Saturday, September 20, 2008

I do have a "Place"

Thanks to Heidi, I started thinking about what my "place" is. It is anywhere on the water with my family. Last week, to enjoy the last bit of summer, we headed out on the boat for 2 days. There is nothing like enjoying the sun on the boat. We BBQ'd steaks and went for "dingy" rides. We motored up to Jerril's Cove on Hartstein Island and tied to a mooring bouy. Then in the morning, we motored over to Stretch Island State Park.
Funny story, after Jason rowed us to shore (he didn't want to start the dingy motor because we were only 20 off shore) he pulled us all up onto the beach so that Reese and I didn't have to get our shoes wet. The dingy was about 3 feet up on the beach and I told Jason that was plenty. Payton fell asleep in her life jacket, so we wandered down the beach where there was some shade to set her down. All of a sudden Jason looked down the beach and noticed that the dingy was floating away. I started running after it like I was really going to jump in the water fully clothed and get it! No way, that is what Husband's are for:) Jason starts to empty his pockets and take off his leather belt so that he can jump in. Then I told him to just take his shorts off! He was wearing boxers, and there was no one around. So there goes my hubby, diving into the water in his undies to get the dingy back which was already a ways away. He gets the dingy, climbs in and starts to row back to us girls. He says, "Don't mind me, I'm just out for a row in my underwear". Too funny! He saved the day!!!

Payton likes to help Daddy drive the boat

Payton and Mommy enjoying the scenery

Reese and Daddy wathing a movie, "Spirit", Reese won't go anywhere without it now!

Reese wants to flush the toilet, but she just isn't quite strong enough to do it by herself...

And this is Payton sleeping in her life jacket. Only my kid could sleep in this bulky, uncomfy thing!


Heidi said...

Looks like a fun trip! I didn't know you guys went out. I think you got in one last nice weather trip before fall!! Good timing!

The Mounts' said...

How fun! That is so funny, her sleeping in that life jacket. I remember when i was a kid doing all that same stuff at the same place!!

Jodi said...

Sounds like a fun family trip! I cant believe how much Payton has changed! I love that adorable grin!