Friday, October 3, 2008

My Sweet little bundles of joy! That's what I am suppose to call them right?

Being crafty is what saves my days. I HAVE to have a project going on, or all my days run together, Reese pulls at my pants whining and I feel like I nurse all day long. My latest project include making these headbands for Payton. Seeing how she has very little hair (very unlike Reese at this age) I don't want her looking like a little boy. Nothing wrong with little boys, but she lacks those parts so why not make her pretty? Jason thinks these headbands are ridiculous, and I can kind of understand, but they are also so stinkin cute and so is she in them.

See? Cute huh?

And cute again...

And then it all goes wrong! This is where I understand Jason. I went up to the kitchen to pull the cookies our of the oven and I heard Payton grunting. Uh-oh. I go back downstairs to find this! How funny! She didn't even care. I think she was just glad this one was nude colored. She could at least see through it!

And my sweet girl Reese. She loves kissing her sister. Next we were bored, so I turned on the radio...

And I see Reese "Shaking what her Mama gave ger!"

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The Mounts' said...

right when i scrolled down to the next pic...I was dying laughing, her little face through the headband is priceless!!! Too funny! Love the headbands, keep it up, I never got to do those things, mine were strictly hats, hats and oh yes hats again!!!