Friday, December 26, 2008

Snow Days and Christmas

Last Monday, my cousin was stranded with us for 24 hours while waiting for a flight back to Arizona. My uncle had dropped him off at the airport because the airlines had said that his flight was running on time. They were wrong! uncle didn't have his cell phone on him (it mysteriously dissapeared in his bag) so Trevor was stranded at the airport. He got ahold of my parents who were going to go and get him, but they live in Shelton. So, Jason and I got in the car and went and got him! Long story short, I haven't even seen Trevor in 15 years, and it was a chance meeting that Jason and I could go and get him. Let me just say, it was a great 24 hours having him stay with us. So much so, I was sad to see him go when he was able to get a last minute flight home! But being 20 yrs. old, he may have been happy to get out of the little girls' world that we call home:) (Although I did catch Trevor snuggled up on the couch with Reese playing games:))
So to pass some of the time, we took him, our little neighbor Eliana, Reese and Payton up to the park by our house and did some sledding.

Here is Jason and Eliana coming down! Next time down, Eliana headed straight for the fence and slammed into it! She was just fine luckily. You should have seen Jason and I at the top of the hill yelling to Ellie to just roll off. She wouldn't and was quite a trooper about hitting the fence:)

Trevor throwing snowballs

Reese and Ellie coming down

Payton's ride to the park and back! I just drug her along like this:) She loved it

Christmas Morning...

Payter sitting on my lap eating the paper (By the way, red and white snowflake paper comes out just as it goes in as we saw later that night:))

Payton sucking her thumb while snuggling with Reese's giant stuffed Unicorn that she got from Santa. Now how did Santa know that was exactly what Reese wanted???

Reese in her new princess robe. Showing us her outfit!

Bella with her present! A vanilla raw hide chew toy. These are the best! They give the worst smelling dog breath a hint a vanilla to make it bearable:) (She is
trying to find a place to hide it)

My brother Jason (sneezing), his girlfriend Sephra and Payton on Christmas morning

Our sweet niece Lucy who we could all stand to have her endless energy rub off on us! This girl is the energizer Bunny! Isn't she sweet???

Last, at Daddy's work on Christmas night. Payton all snuggled up in her new PJ's from her Auntie Kim. Can you tell these were from her?

We hope you all had a Merry Christmas! We sure did...


Jana, Jeff and Jaydin Gilchrist said...

looks like you guys had a merry christmas, your girls are so cute!

Our Family said...

I love that last picture of Payton. She is just so cute. I am glad you had a Merry's been amazing for us, too.