Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Every Wednesday night, we try to get together with J's sisters for dinner. There is always someone who can't make it, but we still persevere anywho. This week, both J and Jen couldn't come, so it was just Kim and I (and my girls of course). Auntie Kim loves to come and see her nieces. This week i had a special treat for her. She got to be involved in Payton's 1st solids!

Normally J would be here for something like this, but I am at my wits end! Mind you, Payton started sleeping through the night at 9 weeks, and for the last couple, she is up at least twice a night! Then when I go into her room and pick her up, she is ravenous and sucks my neck like a vampire. We finally crawl into bed and I feel like I am being eaten by a pyrana (did I spell that right?). So, at five and a half months, I decided it was time to start rice cereal.

Payton has started to reach for anytihing that Jason and I are eating or drinking, so I thought that it was time.

Auntie Kim, Reese and I all armed ourselves with the camera, a towel and plenty of laughs as Payton DEVOURED her rice cereal!

Who knew that rice cereal and boob milk could taste this good??? She practictly served it herself and ate the whole bowl that I thought might last a couple of feedings! Oh well, at least it is cheap:)

And last but not least, Payton was satisfied! I didn't realize that her eyebrows were hungry too though? She has this look like, "Geez Mom, could your aim suck anymore?" Really it had something to do with her being so excited and doing the Payton "Bob-and-Weave".

Sorry Daddy that you couldn't be here for my 1st food, but Mom's boobs just couldn't take it anymore! Maybe next time:)


Heidi said...

Omg!! I am laughing outloud as I read this and see these pics!! too funny! Glad Payton was finally satisfied. Hope your boobies get a rest:)

Heather said...

she looks a tad surprised! Hope it works and she starts sleeping again!

Jana, Jeff and Jaydin Gilchrist said...

I forgot to tell you, you need to sell those cute head bands, I would have bought some for Jaydin. Oh and leave it up to the boys to think they are silly. Jeff thinks I play with Jaydin like she is a doll! I used to glue ribbons to her head ( with corn syrup).

Jana, Jeff and Jaydin Gilchrist said...

oh I added you to my blog list!

The McGovern Family said...

That picture of Payton is priceless!