Thursday, December 18, 2008

Not a creature was stirring, not even a Payter, when out on the lawn there arose such a clatter. We got up to see what was the matter...There was the Plunket's throwing snowballs at our window at 8:45 at night! Payton tucked in for the night and Jason, Reese and I were sitting at the island finishing our ice cream when "Bam", "Bam". Our LOVELY neighbors, the Plunket's, Keith, Maria and Eliana, challenged us to a full-on snowball fight:) Such fun! We were out there for over a half-hour this evening throwing snowballs. Family against family! Friends against friends!!!
We all wished we had our cameras, but instead, here are a few of our favorite things that have gotten us through the last few days. And, are sure to push us through until Christmas!!!

There is nothing like air popped popcorn and old fashioned movies on seriously cold days.

Two sister's loving eachother like mad and enjoying eashother's company!

A portrait of Bella taken by Reese, discovered by Mommy when downloading photos...

Reese playing in our 1st bit of snow the other day, obviously more to come...

Payt, watching sister play in the snow! Oh how she loves her big sister:)

Payter with static hair from all the dry weather! This face melts me:)

Me, trying to get Bella to play in the snow. But her staring at me like, "Really Mama? I am soooo not going out in this stuff!" From under a snow-covered patio table.

Last, but not least, after a crazy day, my loving husband brought home one seriously worn out Mama, a bottle of wine! And thanks to my friend Natalie, I am trying out the glass that she bought me to see if it really fits a whole bottle of wine!

UMMMMM, YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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