Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My girls in the last of '08

Thanks to Aunt Jen, my girls got matching PJ's for christmas! I LOVE anything matching for them. I know that I am a complete geek, but I figure that I will only get away with it for so long. So as I am changing Payton's diaper tonight and trying to decide what PJ's to put her in, I yell to Reese, "Hey Reesie?"
"Yeah?" I hear back
"Do you and Payton want to wear your matching PJ's toinght?"
"YESSSSS", I hear again
And here are the pics from afterward. I can not possibly get enough of how much Reese loves her sister and likewise. These two are just two peas in a pod. I can only hope that they will still feel that way in the long run. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my brothers, but I never had that sisterly bond. I have so many hopes for the two of them. It swells me inside to think of the two of them as adults and calling eachother for advice. I can only hope that Mom is still cool enough to be on that call list!!!

P.S. After these pictures, I nursed Payton before putting her to bed. Her, Reese and I all snuggled into Reese's bed. After we were done, like all nights, I asked Reese if she wanted to give Payton a kiss goodnight? Of course! One just wasn't enough though. And on the 2nd one, Payton did what she does best, PUKED! All over poor Reesie:) Reese was such a good sport! Even though it was on her mouth, hair, PJ's, and her bed, she helped me wipe it up and told her sister good night anyway! What a trooper! (She was a little upset that her bed was wet though:))


The Mounts' said...

I still to this day buy matching PJ's or shirts or whatever for my boys...."geeky" or not, I too love the bond that my boys have together too. P.S. I hope I will still be a "cool mom" when they get older too...right now I still am in Lukey's eyes, Gavin, well he just won't admit it...but i think he might think the same...hahahaha!!!!

Heidi said...

Ooohh..Reesie, what a good sport:)

The McGovern Family said...

What a good sister she is to Payton...I too never had that sisterly bond. I hope Bree someday gets to have a sibling...its all up in the air right now.

Thomas family said...

Hey, I found you blog on Demeri's. I didn't know you had one. That is exciting!

Check out ours....


The Pawlak's said...

What sweet girls! I love seeing the bond between siblings. My sister and I fought like cats and dogs growing up, but we grew out of it and are now the best of friends!