Saturday, April 24, 2010


So I am having a delima and I need some help...
I was at my In-Laws house a while back and they had this beautiful hutch in their garage that was given to them and they didn't want.

I instantly fell in love with it, but had to do some serious convincing with the hubby to let me get it! It is not really the style of our house, but I just couldn't forget about it...Did I mention it was free? Who doesn't love that? So I finally convinced J to let me have it. I called my father-in-law and told him and he drove it up to me the same day! Talk about Service:)
Since it doesn't match the style of our house, I have wanted to re-finish it. I don't want to just re-stain it though. I want to paint it AQUA! My favorite color! Then I recently saw this post and knew that I had to do it! I just don't know how to get started.
If you remember ladies in all our drunken stuper, I took this photo last summer in Chelan.

This has been my inspiration the whole time. Anyone know how to re-finish this to make it look great? I don't think my husband wants to help me with this project:)

And here are a couple of photos of the girls in their new dresses! Too cute...I got the idea here...She is sooo talented! I am addicted to crafty blogs right now...


Jodi said...

I love the hutch. I can totally picture it aqua and I think it will look awesome! I am horrible at refinishing furniture so Im sorry I dont have any advice. I would say talk to someone who knows how to do it before you start. When I did Lou's dresser I thought I could just whip on some paint and it bubbled up and was awful.

Kristen said...

Here is a website I LOVE and she did a tutorial on painting furniture (which I bookmarked for a couple of future projects I have in mind). Hope this helps :)