Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hi Again

Hi there! It's been a while...The beginning of May starts a 6 week blur in my household. 1st it is my birthday, then Mother's Day, then J's birthday, then Reese's birthday! Next week we will end with Father's Day and Payton's birthday. Whew...I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and will be able able to breathe again!
I am just going to share a whole slough of photos from the past month and a half. Hang in there with me!

Yup, I am 31! I am officially in my 30's...WEIRD! I swear I am still 21:)

And Jason is 34...Out for Sushi with his Parents and Sis. His favorite:)

My Big girl is 5! I absolutely can not believe how time has flown. She was my sweet little baby just yesterday. Now she is doing Gymnastics, playing Soccer and starting Kindergarten this fall. She is a wonderfully happy little girl who fills us with her imagination and sweetness. You started our life as a family Reesie, thank you!

This is her last day of Preschool. All the kids got to go accross the stage and get a little certificate. So cute!

Here is Reese at her "Friends party" at Chuck E Cheese. J and I tried forever to talk her out of her choice of venue to no avail. So, Sorry to her friends parents who had avoided it up to this point with their kiddos.

Jason and I finally decided after years of borrowing our parents RV's, to buy our own. We did lots of research and finally ended up with the perfect one for us. We had a lot of criteria. Bunk beds for the girls, a seperate queen bed for us, a full kitchen and bath, and all of this in no more than 22 feet! That way it could still fit in our driveway and not block the sidewalk from all our neighborhood kiddos who ride their bikes up and down it!
It was hard, but we finally found it and it has a bed that slides out the back. So comfy. We took it to Mt. St Helen's last week with some our best friends Steve and Jodi for our first trip. Outside of the horribe rain, it was a great 1st trip. Here are a few photos of it...

Thank goodness for Papa Pete's Pizza in Castle Rock! They had an arcade. Such a needed respite from the rain.

And our trip ended with a muddy mess! I know you are going to kill me Stevie, but I had to!
Between the size of Steve's truck and trailer and the tight amount of trees at the RV park, he managed to get his truck stuck up and over a log! Nothing made my husband happier, then using his new truck to pull Steve out! Boys, their toys and their arrogance:)

I promise to be back next week with more, but that is enouht for now! I am off to clean my house from the Family party we threw for the girls on Sunday and get the trailer ready for our next trip this weekend. And somewhere in there, I need to plan something for Father's Day. Oh Boy!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to just about everyone in your family!! Your RV looks like it will be lots of fun for y'all. Some of my best memories were of camping when I was little. Here's to lots of happy, wonderful memories to your family!