Monday, June 1, 2009

A--Attached or Single? Attached, 12 years together, 6 married
B--Best friend/s? Jason, My Mom, Jodi, Heidi and Nellie
C--Cake or Pie? Cheesecake!!! My Mom's of course:)
D--Day of Choice? Monday actually, Everyone else goes back to work so I can finally run errands in peace:)
E--Essential Item? Coffee, and my camelbak water bottle, with water of course:)
F--Favorite Color? Pink or Aqua Blue
G--Gummy bears or worms? Worms
H--Hometown? Tumwater
I--Indulgence(s)? Coffee, Wine, a good book, and a good foot lotion!
J--January or July? july, I am a sunbather:)
K--Kids? 2, Reese Mckenzie, almost 4 and Payton Jeanae, almost 1
L--Life is incomplete without? A phone to talk to the ones I love
M--Marriage date? March 22nd, 2003
N--Number of siblings? 2 brothers, Jason 38 and Justin 35
O--Oranges or apples? Apples, Honeycrisp
P--Phobias or fears? Losing my girls and Spiders:)
Q--Quotes? "To Each There Own..."
R--Reason to Smile? My girls laughter, it gets me everytime
S--Season? Summer, I love the outdoors!
T--Tag 5 people? Shoot, I have to think of new people! Larissa, Erica, Jenn, Sarah and Becky
U--Unknown Fact? I have always had an outy belly button:)
V--Very Favorite Store? Target of course:) Or JoAnn Fabric. I get in trouble everytime I go into either!
W--Worst Habit? I always interupt Jason when he is talking. Sorry Babe:)
X--X-ray or ultrasound? I would have to say Ultra Sounds. A never ending amount of ovarian sists when I was younger and then of course 2 pregnancies!
Y--Your favorite food? Food in general:) Homemade goodies!
Z--Zodiac? Taurus

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