Sunday, June 7, 2009

Oh Sweet baby, where did 4 years go?

After 18 long hours of labor, you were so sweetly laid in my arms. The last nine months seemed to slip my mind so suddenly. All of the morning sickness, headaches and never ending swelling were gone. Wiped out!
Because I had just pushed (and I do mean pushed!) you out and couldn't believe you were finally here. Such a beautiful and sweet girl you were from the 1st minute. Today I will watch your birth so that I can be reminded of that feeling when you were first handed to me. That feeling of complete understanding, contentment and satisfaction to have you here with me.

I love you Reese Mckenzie. Like I have never loved anyone else. Like I never knew that I could love anyone else. You are a part of me. Your attitude:) (no idea where you get that:)), your funny faces, your sweet sensitivity.

You are an amazing daughter and a wonderful big sister. I love watching the little lady that you are becoming.

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

And yes, we will be friends forever!!!


The McGovern Family said...

absolutely precious!

The Pawlak's said...

I can't wait to experience that wonderful moment of meeting for the first time! Happy Birthday Reese!