Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day

Ever had red eggs? I know, they look a little weird, but Reese loved her red eggs and heart shaped strawberry pancake!
It was a quiet day at home with the girls since they were both sick:( It turns out that Payton has another ear infection. How awful! My poor little thing that can't stop crying and sleeping all at the same time!
We did our traditional steak and lobster dinner, just with kiddos this year:) Who knew a few years ago that I would easily fore-go the candles and romance to stay at home with little sickos.
We finished the day with a movie with our new gas fireplace lit! See, there is still a little romance:)


Heidi said...

Cute, looks like a fun breakfast:) Mmm, steak and fave!!!!

Heidi said...

by the way, love your new background. Did you look at all of those on aquapoppy? Sooo cute!