Tuesday, February 17, 2009

One of those days...

Ok Ladies-
I am venting! I am having ONE of those days! Reese has been sick for over a week which means no pre-school. Ughh. She is beginning to climb the walls and so am I!
Then, Friday, the day before Valentines Day, Payton gets it. And I mean GETS it! The little thing has been up crying since then. I took them both to the Dr., turns out that Payton's turned into an ear infection. I hate having to give little ones antibiotics, but I just could see her suffer anymore (Or me either).
Finally, I started to get it yesterday. I mean REALLY? Is it not enough that I have been up every night, mulitple times a night with snotty, coughing, crying, puking kids?
So today, Jason heads off to work to do his thing, and I, sick, am at home with my two sweet bundles of joy:) Feeling like crap!
Neither girl will nap, I finally get Payton down and decide to do some sewing, and discover that Reese (who has an interest in my sewing machine) has unraveled half a spool of thread all over my rec-room.
"Ok, breathe Momma", I tell myself! Otherwise you might see me on the nightly news!!!


Heather said...

hang in there lady! I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL! call anytime to vent...

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel right now. We have been going on 3 weeks of everyone sick in my house too. From sinus infections, to strep throat, to having the pukes! I tell ya, I am now calling my house "the house of DEATH!" Despite my efforts to wash everything that is not nailed down!
I have dedice I could never be a nurse because my patince are running thin on taking care of others while I am sick too!! So now that I also have vented! I feel your pain. Hang in there, at least Spring is just around the corner!

Mama Ward said...

Oh you little worn out mama. Papa Jon and I are so sorry we can't help out. If you remember we were at your house three weeks ago and I have been sick ever since. Went back to the old doc. yesterday. C-Pack didn't touch it. More drugs:( Hang in there, they will grow up and move out and you will miss it. Yes, even the frustrating days.
Love you, US