Monday, February 23, 2009


We headed up to Polsbo to see some good friends of ours on Saturday. Jason knew Sascha from when he was a resident firefighter like 13 years ago in the Kingston area. We hadn't seen them in over a year and it was so good to get together. We got to see their new house and 2 adopted additions to their family. 2 pups from Puerto Rico.
We then headed to Bainbridge for lunch on the water and caught the ferry over to Seattle. This was Reese and Payton's 1st ferry ride and Reese was very excited. Payton fell asleep, so Jason and I took turns staying with her in the truck. The other headed up so that Reese could explore this awesome boat that you can drive your car onto! She was so excited that you can even buy skittles on it:)
After that we headed to the Seattle Home and Garden Show. The girls and us were thoroughly pooped, but it sure was a great day.

Of course Reese wouldn't look at the camera. She hates having her picture taken right now:(

These are our friends Sascha and Kate. They only have 4-legged children, so they borrowed one from us for a "family" pic!

Driving onto the Ferry boat

Reese couldn't believe that we going toward the Space Needle!

Finally...She looked at the camera and smiled! I couldn't believe it!!!

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The Mounts' said...

What a great picture! I still to this day haven't taken my kids on a ferry ride....hmmmm