Monday, September 8, 2008

The Big Race

So, our little girl is quite the runner. Jason saw that the Bank to Bay run here in Tacoma had a 1K kids run for free. He went ahead and signed her up and then starting "training" her. She loves to run and thought that it would be so much fun! Jason taught her how to pump her arms when she is running to "go faster" and taught her how to start. She even says, "On your mark, get set, GO"!!! The 1st picture is of her in her starting stance! So Cute:)
So we get her all pumped up and even invited my parents up to see her run her big race!
Obviously we all forgot what an intravert our cute little girl is:) She started getting shy when we got there. And then when the gun sounded to start the race, well, she cried!!! Her Daddy had to pick her up and run the whole race with her in his arms! What a good Daddy:)
I decided to not be dissapointed, and focus on the good here. She went and experienced it, finished (thanks to Dad) and even got a free T-Shirt!
Maybe we will try it again next year...

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Heidi said...

Daddy looks a little winded in one of those pics:) Good job Reesey! And daddy too!! My cousin Brie ran that race...did you see her?