Monday, January 4, 2010

"Oh my" is all I have to say!

I am so far behind in blogging, so I think I will just start fresh in 2010!

I sure do hope you all had a wonderful holiday season! Ours was blessed with lots of wonderful time with family and many wonderful new gifts. (And maybe a few unwanted pounds:))

It has taken me a week or so to be appreciative of my Christmas holiday. I woke up Christmas Eve morning so prepared. all went to H*@# in a hand basket:) I will start off by explaining that we made a "special arrangement" with Santa to come to our house late the 23rd so that we could have Christmas morning on Christmas Eve. This was because Jason was working Christmas Day.

All the stockings were hung with care (filled to the brim), the tree was packed with presents, and a wonderful chistmas breakfast was ready. But my poor little Payt woke up with a 103 degree fever and a runny nose. We managed through gifts, but she just kept crying and saying "ow". So finally at 11:30 I ran her into the pediatrician (thank goodness for holiday hours) and it turned out she had a double ear infection, double eye infection and a UTI. Really??? Well Merry Christmas to her:(

We managed, and she is all better. And I am finally accepting the fact that I was sooo prepared, but really, I had no control. What will happen, will happen. And after all, we are all healthy and happy and having to re-design our house for the kids new toys! Nothing to complain about!

***I finally got my camera working again in time for Christmas, so I at least have some new photos to share.

I will be back soon to show you what I made some of my favorite people for Christmas:)


Becky said...

Poor little girl! I'm glad she is feeling better though and you had a good christmas. Ash wore the same pjs as Payton...they are sooo cute!

The Dragt Family said...

Poor Payton. She just looks miserable! But isn't that the truth. You can work so hard to everything done, arranged and organized and then someone gets sick or something out of your control happens. Maybe it is just God's way of telling us we aren't in control....he is! :) I am glad she is feeling better though and bet she is enjoying all her new things. Glad you all had a Merry Chritmas.

JimmieDAderhol said...
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