Tuesday, January 26, 2010

For my parents' Christmas present, Jason and I purchased my parents family photos from our favorite photographer, Heather Mann.
It had ben since we got married, almost 7 years ago, since we had done them. Since then, we have added two little girls and had a divorce, so it was time to update the album:)
This great girl (Heather) met us down at the boat in soupy fog to take the pictures. You have to keep in mind, this was the day after Chirstmas where my little one had had a double ear and eye infection. So in the grand scheme of things, they turned out pretty great!
We had a lot more that we would have done, but between the fog and the illness, this is what we got!
Oh, and seriously, when did my neice decide to turn 18 and become a BEAUTIFUL girl? I love this girl and so does Reese. They are best buddies:)

* And a little funny... I never mentioned to the photographer that my brother Jason and neice Victoria were father and daughter, and when Heather was taking their photos together she thought they were "together" and asked them to hug and kiss! You should have seen the look on my brother and neice's faces!!! Priceless! Although I think it scarred poor Tor.


Heidi said...

beautiful pictures!!! I absolutely love the black and white family photo! And...you're right...when did Tori grow up? She's gorgeous! That cracks me up about the photographer thinking that she and jason were together!! lol!

The McGovern Family said...


Anonymous said...

Great photos Tishelle. They turned out really great dispite the circumstances. You would never have known Payton was sick and the fog looks really cool, like it was planned.

Tishelle Ward said...

Ok sorry, I did not get a divorce! One of my brother's did.