Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I do love them, I do, I do, I do

This morning I decided to load the girls up and go to one of my favorite stores, JoAnn Fabric. I thought I went in with my guns loaded so to speak. I had snacks, water and my Ergo. I strapped Payton on and went it. Little did I know that neither girl were going to cooperate. Reese wanted everything she saw and threw a fit over not getting any of it. Payton was just crabby and scratching my neck and yelling at me. So after 5 or 10 minutes of HELL, I left empty handed (My Husband will be pleased). I called Heidi on my way home to complain. I confided that 2 kids is very difficult sometimes. I wouldn't give up either one of them, but 1 kiddo was a sinch! I told her that at one point I was standing in line and accidently said out loud to the girls, "I am going to sell you two to the highest bidder." Granted two Mommies in front of me thought it was hilarious, I was mortified! I really do love and adore my girls, but every once in a while, can they not just cooperate? Long story short, I was humbled this evening while making dinner. I was standing in the kitchen and got to witness this...
These two love eachother so much. I guess I can go to JoAnn's another time:)
And here is one of Payton's "after dinner hair"


Becky said...

Sooo cute!!!! That video makes me want to have another one right now...then my brain steps in and says ummmmm...let's wait another year we are just starting to figure this mom thing out! Seriously though, your girls are so cute and your story was hilarious!

Jana, Jeff and Jaydin Gilchrist said...

WOw, I feel like crap, I say that everyday with only One child. Hmm guess thats why I am not having anymore! I do however love her with all my heart.
Video very cute.
Oh and yes heels all the time! :o)

Heather said...

sista, I HEAR YOU! and you are lucky that you have an older girl who, when she desires, is very nice to her little sister. With an older boy, that is SO RARE! But I did catch the cutest when we were at the fruit stand: I was ushering the kids out so Jim could pay and Aidan took Makena's hand and walked her out!!! I almost peed. And Makena had the BIGGEST smile on her face! Two is hard (and not 2x harder than 1 but 100x harder), but we love them, right? LOL!

Heidi said...

I felt so bad for you yesterday, I just wanted to come take your girls and give you a break:) Anytime!! Don't ever feel guilty about venting, I know you love your girls with all of your heart!! Who couldn't love a girl with great hair like that?? lol!!!