Thursday, July 23, 2009

Crab, Crab and more Crab...

I had to share this picture with you! On the last day of our trip, we were able to crab and caught 12! So, needless to say, we had our neighbors over and ate crab for 4 days. I was also able to freeze some meat. Here is our crab cakes that I made (for the 1st time) and also some lovely Yukon Gold potatoes from our garden. Yummy!!!

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Pryors said...

Hi Tishelle,
This is so random your going to think I'm crazy. This is Jodi's friend Holly from college. I love love the skirt, shoes, and head band you made Jodi's little baby Lou. Where did you get the fabric/patterns or better yet can I pay you to make me some? Your girls are darling and it looks like you are doing good. I think our kids are about the same age - so fun. If you dont mind will you e-mail me at Thanks so much!!!