Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Garden update and Family Pics

A little update on the garden and chickens...
The chicks finally went into the coupe about 2 weeks ago! They sure have come a long way since we brought the 2 of them home in 1 light bulb box!
Penelope starting laying about the same time the chicks went into the coupe. It was so exciting to go out to collect Scarlett's green egg and find a brown one in there. We talked to Penelope and told her "good girl". We were so tickled:) We are now getting almost 2 eggs a day and in the fall it should be about 4/day. Yum-Yum:)
I also finally was able to get 1 side of the coupe painted. This red takes 3-4 coats. Which means here in western Wa. that I need 3-4 consecutive days of no rain just to get 1 side done. We all know how rare that is, so I am lucky I have 1 side done:) Although, it looks like I have a few days right now to get some done, so I think I will be out there today working on it!
This gardening thing is all new to me. Most of my seed starts really struggled:( I have had to re-plant a couple of times. Maybe too early? So I finally headed out to Home Depot a few weeks ago and got some starts. Those are really happy:) My most recent seeds have really taken off too. It was great to come home from our trip last week to all of our happy and healthy plants and to see that they had all doubled in size while we were gone. I guess all that rain did them some good?
I can't wait until I can harvest some of this. How rewarding to go grocery shopping in my own back yard:)

And here are a few of our Family Pictures that we had taken in April. This great photographer took them. We met down at Owen's Beach at Pt. Defiance Park. It was that rare day in April when it was almost 80 degrees! The girls really cooperated and we had a great time. Heather was really easy to work with and we would totally recomend her to anyone.
Hope all is well with everyone:) Cheers-


The McGovern Family said...

i just love the family pics! we are hoping to get ours done this summer. and your garden/chicken coupe is adorable! i love the flower boxes!

Heidi said...

wow!! Your garden kicks our garden's hiney!! I can't believe how big your lettuce is and how big the rest of your stuff is too!! Sheesh, you'll be harvesting in no time! Awesome!

The Dragt Family said...

Your garden looks fantastic!! I am so impressed. And the chicken coup is so picturesque. The fresh eggs have got to be so good! Your family pictures are just beautiful too! What a blessed family.

Jana, Jeff and Jaydin Gilchrist said...

Wow, beautiful pictures, I love the garden, I think even Martha Stewart would approve!

MamaQ said...

Your garden is beautiful! I love the raised beds...they look great. :)