Sunday, January 18, 2009

Our sunny Sunday

OK, so I have been horrible about blogging! But who hasn't?
Today, Jason and I took the girls for their first trip to the Seattle Aquarium. We went to pay our entrance fee and quickly realized that we might as well get a 1 year family pass because our fee for today only was 1/2 of the year price. So I think that we have found one of our new activities for the next year!
Reese loved it! She even touched star fish in the tide pools, which she never would have done a year ago. I am so proud of her. I think that pre-school is really helping her to come out of her shell:)

And Payton, well she just rode around and stared at everything in amazement. I could tell how much she really liked something because her little legs would get going really fast like she was running to whatever it was!

As it was such a beautiful day, we decided to walk the waterfront and get something to eat at Steamers. Yummy fish and chips and fresh chowder on a cold winter day.

To end our perfect day, Reese finally got to get up close and pet 2 of Seattle's police horses! Now if you don't have any idea of how big this, it would be like a boy getting to touch the bat mobile! Reese just couldn't believe that she got to pet "Cody" and "Charlie". Jason and I were joking that we took her up to Seattle, to the aquarium and out to lunch, and the thing that she will remember the most will be petting the horses for free! So much for our new aquarium membership!

Now back to a work week starting tomorrow! Jason goes to work tomorrow and then me on Tuesday! Oh that is right, I started working again! I worked for this company when I got out of college for 3.5 years untl I had Reese. I then decided to stay at home with her and do the Mommy thing! I have thoroughly enjoyed it and have no idea of what the future brings, but work called and offered me a part-time position that I just couldn't refuse. So far so good. I started last week working Jason's days off, and it went great! We will see how J does with no "real" days off after a few weeks. Right now he is just so excited that I am brining home $:)!!!


crunchy peas said...

fun day and great sunshine!

Jana, Jeff and Jaydin Gilchrist said...

Looks like fun, I love Seattle,I cant wait to take Jaydin there and let her see moms old stomping grounds! to see the "sunny" pictures!

Kristen said...

What a great picture of you 3 girls! Good luck back at work!