Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Eat your heart out John Heder!

Or Juno's boyfriend! I can't decide.

I came downstaris and Jason had this on Payton. How funny! I keep all the ugly color headbands for me for working out and give Reese the cute colors. Well, aparently, Reese had raided my stash the other day and Jason thought he would finally put a headband on Payton (He despises the ones that I make).

Here are the ones that I have made recently. There is a consignment shop here in town that is going to sell them for me. I took some in today, but when I was talking to the owner, she suggested that I think of a name for them. I can't think of anything. Any suggestions???
And last, while I was at that shop today, I came accross these hats that a woman had made. I was so excited that she just happened to of made them in each of the girls sizes! You know me, I LOVE matching:)


The Mounts' said...

Ok now you have got me thinking (great I'll be up all night), L♥ve the hats for the girls...I do the same with the "matchy matchy" thing! About the name you have to come up with something clever...hmmm, something cute and girly, like the "dancing flowers", I mean something that reminds you of your girls. I will let you know if I come up with an idea and/or let me know what you come up with!!!

The McGovern Family said...

i absolutley love those hats!

Thomas family said...

You are so crafty! Hats are too cute!

Our Family said...

How about something with your name like "Tishelle's Garden" or "Tishelle's Eden"? You have such a unique and beautiful name it would stand out from the normal cutesy type of names...hmm...we miss seeing you around, you busy working mama!

The Dragt Family said...

I love those head bands. They are so cute!! And I love the hats. I wish it was cold enough down here to put my kids in hats. That doesn't happen near enough!