Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sweet Sisters

I was having a heck of a time waking Reese up from her 3 HOUR nap yesterday! I know, what Mother WANTS to wake up her 3 year old from a good nap? But, if I hadn't she never would have gone to bed last night!!! So, after having been in there 3 times already, I decided to lay Payton next to her on her pillow! Reese LOVES her little sister. I couldn't of found a better way to wake her up smiling:)

Can you see the love?


The Mounts' said...

that is the sweetest picture of her kissing her lil sister on her head....too die for!

Heather said...

so cute! Aidan would just push Makena away! The difference between 3 year old girls and 3 year old boys (with a sister).