Friday, August 1, 2008

Payton Jeanae Ward

OK, so I have had a little lull! Payton Jeanae was born on June 23rd and I have been so busy since. With visitors, getting to know her and my 3 year old, the last 6 weeks have flown by! But I think that I finally have the time to figure this blogging thing out. I will probably be asking Jodi and Heidi lots of questions, but I will get there!
About Payton:
She is a wonderful baby that lights up every minute of life. I went into to be induced on Monday the 23rd. I had to call in at 5:00 am (which meant I had to be showered and ready to run out the door) to see if the hospital had a bed for me. They didn't:( So, I had to try and go back to sleep (that didn't happen). Finally at 11:00 am, they called and said we were a "go". Jason and I rushed to get ready and out the door. I got to the hospital and all checked in and they started the drip at noon. When they checked me, I was still a "3" (I say "still" because that was what I was the week before at the Dr.). When they checked me at 4:00, I was only at a "4" and getting frustrated because I was starting to be in pretty good pain. Finally I asked for an epidural, and when they checked me after I had gotten it, I was at a "9"! Yeah!!! So at 7:14 pm after pushing for only 3 contractions, out came little Payton! What a punkin:) An instantly good baby.
So, after bringing her home and the rush of visitors, we are finally settling into a routine:) Here are a few photos for you to enjoy!

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