Sunday, February 27, 2011

Home Again

This time of year has come again...I am an official "Stay at home mom". It is funny how much this affects me. I look forward to being with my family, and yet I look forward to working. Did I mention the paycheck that I lack the rest of the year? That part is just dreadful:(. Every year (or at least the past 3) I have gone through such a trasition when my work is over for the year. The 1st year I was in shock, last year I was so happy to be home again and this year, well this year I just don't know how I feel. I know I am ready to take the girls to and from school again, go to coffee with wonderful girlfriends, take off at a whim and go to the zoo or the gardening shop, or like today, look at a new house (really an old house that would require more work then even Jason and I are capable of). Not to mention CLEAN MY HOUSE. My husband does a great job at keeping up, but I can honestly say that a man's touch just lacks something when it comes to cleaning! But he tries, and the girls try and I get up every morning and kiss them good bye. Then I get to do a job that I am good at, enjoy and love the people I work with. But I miss out on so much stuff. I am just plain torn. That dreadful place between not wanting to leave my family every day and wanting to leave my family every day:)
I tell ya, "What to do?" Maybe I will start with a little sewing!

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Sarah said...

Welcome home, Ms Tishelle! I know my boys and I look forward to seeing you more ;) You should know that your job has a great influence on your girls, too - they see their mama doing something that she enjoys and know that they too can find things both inside and outside of raising children to enjoy. I hope you know how wonderful of an example you are to them in all you on to that amazing sewing of yours!