Friday, September 3, 2010

On to the next...

What an emotional day! For all the preparing that I thought that I did, it came as a huge surprise as to how emotional we all were yesterday. Reese's teacher was wonderful and inviting and let us be as involved as we wanted yesterday morning. However, I was the last parent in her classroom, and the para-educator finally had to peel her off of me:( It was just heartbreaking, but we did it! We all survived the whole day and are currently getting ready for our second. (Aparently Reese saved the show for me, she was fine just a few minutes after I left!)
As a parent, our sole job in life is to ensure the safety and happiness of our children. To place this in someone else's hands is just terrifying! It certainly helps that I know so many wonderful teachers, Heidi, Jen and Steph, or else I would really lose my Mommy mind:)
Thanks you teachers for sharing the part of you that I lack! And please keep my little one safe!!!:)

This last one is just for your viewing pleasure:) Payt all dressed up for Sissy's big day! Don't worry, we changed her...

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