Tuesday, July 27, 2010

San Juans 2010

Ok, you asked for it! Here are some pictures from our trip. Believe it or not, I actually took fewer this year then in years past. Only about 100:)
Our trip was absolutely filled full of sunshine, beautiful new places, sandy beaches, clear water and best of all...ORCAS! It was amazing! This was the first time in 6 years of doing this trip that we finally came accross them. Jason was driving up top and I was down below getting the girls settled when he stomped on the floor to get my attention. We all raced up top and watched part of the J-pod for over an hour go all the way up Stuart Island. I certainly would have loved it if they came closer, but they didn't. I will take what I can get though:)

Jason and I out getting the crab pots in Sequim

J and Payt getting last minute snuggles at sunset

Jason trying to show the girls how to shrimp off the docks in Roche Harbor

Out Kayaking in Roche

Bella being taken out on the Kayak for the 1st time. She was such a good girl

Payton giving me quite the stern look:) We were at a beautiful beach on Galiano Island. Pure white with crystal clear water!

Jason's failed attempt to get a photo of the whales. You will have to use your imagination on this one:)

I couldn't believe it when Reese jumped into the water at Galiano Island! Right off the back of the boat to her Daddy!

Here is how Bella got to shore to potty when we were anchored out! This was the only pain about having her on board.

Lots of hiking. We had to get our excercise somehow. The islands don't lack on beautiful hikes.

The beautiful rocks along the shore of Galiano Island.

This is one of the beautiful murals up in Chemanis Canada. It is on the East side of Vancouver Island and was a very fun stop. They actually have yellow footsteps along the sidewalks to show you the way to all of the murals.

Reese's 1st self portrait! Totally cracks me up. Try blowing it up:)

Tons of sleepy time. The girls actually slept in the guest bunk together every night and did great. This is the way I was woken up every morning...

More Shrimping in Friday Harbor. Love that their Daddy was a master shrimper:)

Checking out their loot. We threw them all back though:)

Payt wore these sunglasses the whole trip. She actually has them on the right way this time.

The end of our trip...Bella was just plain wore out. Sleeping in her Daddy's lap while he drives us all home.

A Great trip! Another one for the memory books. I love showing the girls all of the beauty in our own backyard. Thanks Mom and Dad again for your generosity. We look forward to this trip every year:)


Heidi said...

awesome pics, looks like a great trip! I love Reese's self portrait, I think I could see her brains when I blew that picture up!! lol! How cool that you saw whales! And for over an hour, wow!

Sarah said...

what fun. It's great that you guys are able to spend such great lengths of time together on a boat and be smiling so much. And you had awesome weather, what luck!

Jodi said...

That trip sounds dreamy!!! The girls are getting so big. I love the picture of Reese laying by her mamma. I miss you!!