Saturday, March 27, 2010

Last week Jason and I celebrated out 7th anniversary. We decided to take the girls on a 6 day boat trip to celebrate. You know you are married with kids when you take them on your anniversary trip:)

Outside of the fact that Payton hates to sleep ANYWHERE but home, we had a great trip. We went to Bremerton for 2 days and were lucky enough to see the USS Nimitz come into port our last morning! Jason was like a kid in a candy store.

The next day we were going from Bremerton to Blake Island and we came across a grey whale. It was my turn to be excited! Of all the boat trips we have taken, this was the 1st time we saw whales. We cut the engines and just watched for a while. It was quite amazing. (I didn't even dare to try and take pictures, just enjoyed).

We also had beautiful sunshine 5 of the six days with only a little drizzle and wind the other day. Talk about luck in western Wa in March:).

It was a great trip to wrap our 6th year!

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