Saturday, February 27, 2010


What is a girl to do when her trusty sewing machine needs a little tune-up? Was I really expcected to go with-out a machine for 3 weeks? Don't worry, my lovely Mom lent me her's:) She has a Hobby Pfaff and it treated me quite nicely. But soon enough Mom asked for it back and my machine wasn't done yet. I was going through withdrawls as my projects started stacking up.

In the meantime I was ending my seasonal employment with this company, so life was about to slow down a ton. Luckily I got a call and Bob (that is what I named my singer) was done! Right in time!

The day after I was done working, it was just the girls and me since J was working, so I whipped these up from one of my old t-shirts that Reese loves. I got the idea here.

I LOVE this blog and get so many ideas from it.

I also got 2 new patterns online, this one and this one. I love that both of these are made from scrap fabric. The ideas are endless.
Wish me luck, un-employment leaves me with tons of time and not very much money...Time to get creative:)


Heidi said...

how cute! and what sweet pics of the girls...little payter on her tippy toes of course!

Tishelle Ward said...

P.S. Payton's pants are made from the sleeves of my shirt. I found a great tutorial online.