Thursday, October 29, 2009

October fun...

What a fun and festive month.

Reese had orange day at school thursday, so I whipepd up a skirt from some orange felt that I had on my desk (thanks for the idea J)

Can you believe that I can get pigtails in her little hair? Reese was born with enough for french braids it seemed, so I have been waiting patiently for Payt to get enough to do anything with! It was so cute and she loves having her "did"!
(Don't mind the part, you try getting it straight when your 16 month old is eating and really interested to what you are doing to her back there:))

And some serious pumpkin carving fun. We waited till it was a little late and if you look closely, Payt was a little sleepy with her bunny and thumb in mouth:)

Stay tuned for some serious costume photos. J and I went to an adult costume party lastnight and there was much creativity!
We hope you all had a wonderful and safe Halloween...

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Sarah said...

what a teaser..I was so hoping for some funny costume pics!